What is included...

Your server is hosted on a professional virtual cloud server, isolated from other servers. It can handle traffic of at least 1 Terrabyte per month. But apart from the hardware, what makes it powerul are the list of capabilities we have installed in it for you...

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Your TAD Cloud Server has 1 GB RAM (Minimum) dedicated for your work, with at least 30Gb of space *. Now this may look small to architects who are used to large desktop machines.

But for the cloud, usually hundreds of webservers are placed on just one server of this type on the Internet.

In your case, we host ONLY ONE office per TAD Cloud server.

*We have located a vendor who has promised us 500 GB space per TAD Cloud server! At no additional cost!

You can manage an infinite amount of projects using this. It uses the Japanese "Kanban" technique in order to handle all the tasks that you assign to your office. You can even give access to parts of it to your clients, people on site and other consultants -- for them to give you feedback. Use this for RFI (Request for Information) and other such lists that you may need for your project. It is so good that we are also using this Kanban system to support each of you, when you purchase a server from us!
Now you have a professional system to handle all the photos of your projects. You can create your own albums, and make short writeups on them too. Showcase this part of your server to the entire world. You can surely attract the attention of international audiences too
This blogging system is extremely simple to use. Just open it anytime you feel like expressing your thoughts and write an article. The blog of our own company also uses the same system
A wiki alllows you to grow the knowledge in your office and interconnect all of them. An office wiki can be used to teach how your staff ought to work, and store critical information. The best part of a wiki is that the knowledge stays in your office even if people leave. The documentation for these servers are provided on this website using the same wiki sytem
The private chat system that is also bundled into the server is much more powerful than Whatsapp and emails. Whatsapp is all flooded with jokes and unwanted "good mornings" ... Also, a Whatsapp group may contain information that some people find difficulty in transferring to a regular computer. Email is also full of spam. With this chat, you can practically conduct all your internal communications without any loss of feeling of control. The chat system can easily handle around 100 people. When you get a registration here, you are also enrolled into a simiilar chat system -- which can be used by you to communicate with us
We architects produce tons of files. Then we keep saving many of them as "finalversion.dwg", "reallyfinal.dwg" and so on. Only to confuse us later on. The file management system that we have included removeds all the confusion. You can even employ people on the Internet, and you would be sure that they receive only the file that they need to work on. Reduce file-management hell! Our servers have at least 25 Gigabytes HD space free -- that means around15000 files! 
Your server is connected to an network of architects and other people from the construction industry. This connection is not intrusive. You can receive lots of useful information such as data on building materials, quotations, clarifications and much more. All that would appear directly in your chatting system. You can pull a privacy guard so that suppliers, contractors who send you information need not know that the request came from your office. This makes pulling information relevant to your project a joy. You decide how much privacy you need
You would get a good looking web address based on the shortname that you supply. For example; if you had specified a shortname in the registration form as "sva" then your web address for your cloud server would be https://sva.architectsoffice.net
We have architects in our team. This server emerged due to lessons from an architect's office.

All the servers are hand-configured to fit it exactly to your needs.

Paid subscribers also get enrolled into our TAD Chat system -- where you can interact with us immediately, and also discuss among yourself too. Half an hour of personal one-on-one chat per week is included per server. We also enroll each paid user into a Kanban board and systematically follow up and close each and every issue you face.

You can also use our free BIM software; TAD -The Architect's Desktop (if you choose to) 

All your data is inside your own server -- you don't have to worry about some other external website/person peering into your data!

All the above mentioned systems by and large are accessed by the same credentials of each user.