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We also have a building industry portal to send messages directly to the architects using our TAD Cloud servers. NO spam

A powerful system to collaboratively develop and retain the knowledge in your office. No more worries if someone leaves your office. The knowledge remains!


grow and retain knowledge

A sophisticated yet elegant and extremely easy to use blog to help you express your original thoughts


express your thoughts neatly

Handle all your projects. Give work to your people in your office and methodically track ALL relevant points 


track time, issues

A very capable system that manages all the photos of your projects. Showcase exactly what you want to project to the entire world


expose the right side of your office

Handle all the files of your office. Store revisions automatically (No more saving as final.dwg, thefinal.dwg, finalfinal.dwg). Fully secure and private


employees work only on need-to-know basis

Your office would have it's own private chat system. It has free apps for both Android as well as iPhones. No strings attached. Replaces bulk of your team's emails

private chat

private to your office and collaborators