Privacy policy

As each customer receives his/her own private TAD Cloud server, your data is safe with you. We don't pry into it and nobody other than you and those you give control to would be able to use your data.

Your email would be ONLY used to send you a newsletter once in a blue-moon. It would also be used to send emergency information pertaining to your server/payments.

Your mobile number is also safe with us. We would use it to convey emergency information and for verification purposes.

Some of the bundled software may request you to purchase extras (such as themes) from their store. You can easily avoid registering at their sites as it is not needed for your server to function. We have kept those features just as a courtesy to those developers -- after all they are giving the bulk of their software free. As far as we know, they don't have any privacy violations

The details of your contact information would be released to the government or other official agency, if it was found that your server was used for illegal activities. Please read our terms and conditions very carefully.