Currency is in Indian Rupee ₹ Dollar payments also accepted*

The first SEVEN days is a free trial period. NO PAYMENT information needed for starting a trial. Multiple trials cannot be given to the same registrant. We hope you will subscribe before the trial ends.

One month is calculated as 30 days from the day you make your payment, irrespective of calendar month. Other time periods mentioned below are multiples of such 30 days.

The Indian Rupee prices do not include taxes. The actual figure to be paid would be indicated in the email to you requesting payment. For Indian users, the final figure will be higher, as per Indian Government taxation rules. For dollar payments there are no additional taxes.

Note: ₹ 2750/- is less than what you would pay for a breakfast in a month in an average city in India! (Rs 100/- per day per person) We have not set any limits on the number of persons** who can use your TAD Cloud Server

Payments are to be made at least by the start of each subscription period.

Pay monthly

2,750/- ($45)

Pay quarterly

7,500/- ($115)

Pay half-yearly

13,500/- ($210)

Pay yearly

26,000/- ($399)

* US dollar conversion would vary as per international currency fluctuations. Dollar payment would be done through Paypal. Indian Rupee Payments would be done through an Indian payment gateway

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Seven lucky winners can use their servers free till March 31, 2018, provided they book between October 1 and October 31, 2017. Lucky draw will be held on December 15, 2017. Payments made by the winners, prior than the draw date, would be added to their credit and consumed only after March 31, 2018

If you become a paid user, you should refer this to an architect friend of yours in India. Both you and your friend would get a credit of Rs 2750/- each. In order to avail the credit, make sure that new person mentions your referral code when the payment is made. Note that the referral code is given to you when you became a customer.

The amount would be credited to both of you, once your friend pays the first subscription. Siimilarly, your friend would get his/her own referral code -- which in turn can get him/her free credits, and so on. This is NOT a multi-level scheme. Credits are given ONLY for direct referrals.

A referral code can be used eleven times. So spread the good news! You can practically get eleven months of your monthly subscriptions free!

We can hand-hold you and train you on how to use your TAD Cloud server, using webinars. We'll charge Rs 1500/- per hour for such training sessions. The maximum number of attendees from your office would be fifteen. You would need a good Internet connection to enjoy these webinars. One to two hours of training is usually sufficient to understand how to use your server thoroughly.

We have a neat infomercial system that is integrated into the chat system. We would connect our portal to all building manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, etc through that portalUsing that portal such construction industry players may contact you and send you informercials -- things like rate cards, photograph of samples of their material/work/etc  We will credit 15% of the money that we earn from these informercials that reaches you, towards credit for the subscriptions on your server 

As we have just introduced these servers, we are NOT charging anything additional for the number of users in your office. This is done in good faith -- with the assumption that one cloud server will be used by one and only one office. Though technically it does not have many limits, the server works best with a max of 50 full time users.